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We’ve spent the last 5 years helping developers ship applications with production grade databases

Odds are, whatever you're building has at least one kind of data problem that calls for a modern database. But you're good at building applications — and shouldn't spend your time doing sysadmin work. That's what we're here for, run your database with our tools and ship apps faster, responsibly. Interested? Get started now »

Scale Seamlessly

Compose deployments scale seamlessly as your data grows. Spend more time on your data model, less time capacity planning. This is how everyone should run databases.

SSDs for Everything

Run your database on purpose built hardware with Enterprise grade SSDs. Hot data gets an extra boost with large memory allotments.

Production Ready

Backups, replication, complete monitoring. Three essentials of a production database deployment. Spend your time building apps, let us worry about production operations.

Expert DBAs

Our battle-hardened but friendly team is one of the most knowledgeable operational database units in the world. We have seen it all and work hard to get the most out of your databases.