Add-ons for Compose databases

Get add-ons for your databases with popular third-party apps in just a few clicks.

Capsule add-ons

Capsules are the what we call our running containers at Compose. Add-on capsules are configured to provide extra services and can be set up immediately, most through the Compose UI. Read more about Compose capsules.

Meteor Router

Meteor speaks with the MongoDB oplog extensively. Typically sharded MongoDB deployments do not expose the oplog through the mongos router. In order to access the oplog, customers can use the Oplog Access addon which provides an haproxy portal for you that can be configured to connect to the shard's primary node at a cost of $4.50/month per deployment.


Get more detailed log monitoring and analysis with our syslog-ng add-on. Syslong-ng allows you to send a copy of your log files to Papertrail, Logentries and Loggly (more coming soon) to help you better understand how your databases are performing and how to optimize. The syslog-ng add-on capsule costs $9/month per deployment.


Telegraf is a package for collecting metrics from numerous sources and delivering them to one or more metric consuming systems. We currently offer configuration support for the DataDog performance monitoring platform. You'll need to create a Datadog account and that means you will also have to set up a single agent (that isn't Compose) to initialise the account. The Telegraf Add-on is priced at $9/month per deployment.

Getting set up

Check out your deployed databases and look for a tab on the left side labeled Add-ons. Here you can add a new add-on capsule to the selected database, or re-configure whichever add-ons you've already added.

Add-on view

What goes where

Each database offers different add-on capsules. Here's a handy chart that shows which capsules are available for which Compose databases.

Meteor     Syslog-ngTelegraf
MongoDB +
etcd β
RabbitMQ β
ScyllaDB β
JanusGraph β
Disque α

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