2015 at Compose - January to March


A review of the year in articles...

We started 2015 with a bang – A PostgreSQL flavored bang as we rolled out our new auto-scaling PostgreSQL deployments. We built our own high availability solution and then open sourced it. We added PostGIS and PGPerl because you asked. And we set out to answer the question "Is PostgreSQL your Next JSON Database?". Here's the Q1 PostgreSQL articles:


Of course it wasn't all about PostgreSQL. MongoDB got attention with a new data browser, faster restores, new import options and we made MongoDB 3.0 available on Compose. We also had advice, information and some guest articles for MongoDB users:

Redis and RethinkDB

But we were also expanding the Compose roster of production databases further. Redis had been in beta, but that changed in February as we added a data browser and declared it production ready. We also showed how to chat using Redis and Go.

RethinkDB was also coming along nicely. The arrival of changefeeds brought real-time updating to the excellent document database and we followed up in Compose Articles with a two part look at using them in Go, RethinkDB & Changefeeds - Part 1 and Part 2.

Onwards tomorrow into Compose's April to June!

Dj Walker-Morgan
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