2015 at Compose - July to September


A review of the year in articles continues...

In July, we announced some big news as Compose joined IBM. It was a major milestone in Compose's history but even a huge event like that wasn't going to slow down the Compose development train. Moving from Spring into the Summer we...

Write Stuff launched

But the other thing we did was launch Write Stuff, a program for people who want to write about databases and their experiences and be mentored and rewarded for doing that. As part of Write Stuff, there was a readers' vote which saw Simple Index Checking with PostgreSQL get a $500 bonus. Other Write Stuff articles included:

Think you have the right stuff for Write Stuff? Check out the Write Stuff page and get your idea for an article in. We're in the middle of cycle 2 right now.

Practical articles and future views and hints

As well as inviting people to write for us, we kept up our mission to inform. There were the practical articles:

We also looked forward to forthcoming database technology - we had a overview of some PostgreSQL 9.5 features and a close look at what was due in MongoDB 3.2. Compose Articles also kept track of important drivers too such as GoRethink 1.0 and MongoDB's Ruby Driver 2.1.0. We weren't averse to some deep diving and bug hunting either when we wrote One Missing Key & How it Broke Node.js & MongoDB+.

But there was much more to come – we even hinted at it with an article etcd Introduced. We'd reveal all on that in October to December....

Dj Walker-Morgan
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