2015 at Compose - October to December


Concluding the Compose review of the year in articles...

When we left Compose in the previous installment, there were hints of new developments afoot. In the last three months of the year all was to be revealed as two new products arrived. First, there was etcd, ideal for managing your application infrastructure:

Then we added RabbitMQ to the Compose mix. RabbitMQ is not exactly a database but it is a component of a well architected cloud application coordinating the flow between data sources, databases and data consuming services:

More regions, more guides and more transparency

On top of all that, we finished the year announcing new Softlayer regions in Dallas and London. There were also a whole set of new guides to some or all of Compose's databases published including:

Compose likes to be transparent so we also talked about hiring and how we do it (spoiler: we do it differently), the challenges of bringing Cassandra to the Compose Platform and reported on what it's like, 4 months into our IBM adventure. It also became easier to informally chat with us by launching #Compose on IRC.

New features also got a look in "Small things, Big improvements – PostgreSQL" as did new uses for Compose databases such as being a Segment Warehouse. Other articles included a look at Meteor's new Galaxy platform, a review of MongoDB 3.2 features, a guide to using Transporter to move data from MongoDB to Elasticsearch and how to build a 5cm by 6cm box of lights which just happen to relate to your database statistics. We also began multi-part articles about Elasticsearch and Perl and CSV and Databases.

Write Stuff

The first cycle of Write Stuff came to an end with the last article Comparing Hosted Database Performance being published and the second cycle began. So far we've published...

There's still plenty of time for you to get involved and show you've got the right stuff for Write Stuff with your ideas for an article about databases and your experiences or thoughts about them.

Little Bits appears

We also introduced a new feature, Compose's Little Bits - a smorgasbord of news, links and other interesting things – which can be found most Fridays in Compose Articles. Originally created as an internal news service, we thought it was too interesting not to share. You can read through the back issues for #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 and #10 if you want to catch up.

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