A Lot Going On


Although MongoHQ has been around for nearly two years, our focus has been entirely on building amazing infrastuctures, dependable processes, solid tools, and generally learning how to invent a brand-new type of industry. These things are important, and largely define who we are.

But one area where we’ve been lacking, is in letting others know what we’ve realized: the age of self-hosted data is coming to a close, and database as a service will become increasingly standard. Few of us run our own PBX’s anymore, and in a couple years few of us will run our own datacenters.

But being a part of this exciting evolution in database management needs cheerleaders, and people who focus on saying what needs said with style. I try to do my part, and this week we welcome a new member to our team: Brandon Mathis. He’s a talented designer who is charged with giving MongoHQ a much needed facelift. From the site, to the webapp, to probably t-shirts. We’ve seen many changes in the past two years, and those changes are about to get a whole lot slicker.

(We’re certain he’ll earn a slow clap)

Next up, we have our new MongoHQ REST API. It’s not entirely baked yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from creating a secret Ruby interface for it. We’ll have much more on that later, but anticipate a vertiable deluge of open source tools from our camp – even a few which may seem unrelated to Mongo. Like our extended mustachio service, Facio (because it’s imperative we’re able to superimpose Geordi LaGorge visors on people as quickly as possible).

You’ll see a lot more of us MongoHQ folks in the coming months at your local and global conferences. Many of us will be speaking about what we’ve learned in Mongo (or ruby, or javascript, or design, or administrating thousands of databases, or… you get the idea). Some of us will just be looking sexy near our exhibit hall table. And if we never meet in person, you’ll see more action from this blog, more articles, more project and community contributions… maybe even another book.

We believe that data is simpler to access, share, and use when it’s hosted in the cloud – and free access to data integral to freedom. That’s not just a marketing pitch – it’s what drives our ideals. If you believe what we believe, we’d love to have you along for the journey. So send any thoughts our way, and enjoy the ride!

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