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At the end of every week, we like to publish a blog post of the databases and development news and other things that have caught our eye over that week. If you missed what happened in those weekly posts over the last year, let us refresh you...

January saw PostgreSQL 9.5 arrive and we started looking forward to 9.6 and parallel queries. January also saw MongoDB-using service Parse closing down while at Compose, we turned on WiredTiger support for MongoDB.

February saw InfluxDB 0.1.0 and Elasticsearch 2.2.0 get releases and RethinkDB came to Windows. Go 1.6 was released and Elastic said the next big Elasticsearch release would be version 5. The ZeroDB paper looked at always encrypted databases and IBM rolled out a server side framework for Apple's Swift.

March saw a novel SQL injection attack with SLEEP() and a look at the MySQL JSON support. Microsoft then shocked everyone announcing SQL Server on Linux and InfluxDB began charting a more commercial course. More PostgreSQL 9.6 details were explained, including parallel aggregation and CitusDB's PostgreSQL sharding went open source.

April saw the PostgreSQL developers pull a feature, Elasticsearch 2.3 arrive and a heartening tale of Connor Krukosky's IBM z890. The feature freeze for PostgreSQL 9.6 happened and Compose brought PostgreSQL 9.5 online. The Redis CLI got documented and ScyllaDB 1.0 appeared. The month closed with MySQL introducing a NoSQL extension.

May opened with Redis 3.2 delivered with a handy Geo API. Antirez announced Redis modules later in the month. The first PostgreSQL 9.6 beta also turned up in the same week while PostgreSQL 10 suggested as the next version number for the database. Kafka 0.1.0 and Rust 1.9 arrived.

June welcomed the arrival of Torus from CoreOS, a new distributed databases. A Meteor engineer looked at a MongoDB missing row problem. ScyllaDB 1.2 and ECMAScript 2016 both arrived and Apple said it was working on a new filesystem. The multi-model ArangoDB 3.0 got released, and people started making Party Parrot tools.

July was the month of mellow etcd 3.0 releases, Yandex's Clickhouse analytics, full text search for Redis and desktop Kubernetes in the form of Minikube. The month also saw monitoring toolkit Prometheus reach version 1.0 and the release of Redis 3.2.2 - along with a good look at how Redis does cache eviction.

August came and so did the planning for PostgreSQL 10 and the release of infrastructure automator Terraform. RethinkDB got turned into a job queue, Go 1.7 arrived and the future MongoDB got snappy communications and aggregation buckets. Scylla 1.3 got Thrift support and Google announced "internet-scale RPC" with gRPC 1.0.

September and PostgreSQL 9.6 RC1 arrives with the headlining parallel queries feature disabled by default. InfluxDB 1.0 and PouchDB 6.0 also land. This month is also the month Compose's LittleBits changes name to NewsBits, and when MySQL 8.0 breaks cover as a developer preview. There's also the long-awaited release of CouchDB 2.0 as well as TypeScript 2.0 and Homebrew 1.0. And by the end of the month... PostgreSQL 9.6 is released and machine learning gets baked into Redis with an alpha neural-redis module.

October sees the news that RethinkDB Inc is closing - the code lives on, though. Also, this month, a fresh Ubuntu was delivered, Node 6 went LTS and VoltDB took on the Jepsen test. October closed with the release of Elastic 5.0 and Elasticsearch 5.0, along with Node 7's debut.

November and the ScyllaDB engine moves on with Scylla 1.4, while there's some changes afoot in the Apache Cassandra camp. MongoDB announce MongoDB 3.4, but not till the start of December. Microsoft deliver SQL Server on Linux and it's done in quite a surprising way. Redis gets a rate-limiting module that's interestingly written in Rust and Fedora 25 appears.

December sees MongoDB 3.4 delivered and a big update for PHP 7. The first news of PostgreSQL 10 features appear, as does Python 3.6 and TypeScript 2.1. Finally, MySQL's group replication goes GA in MySQL 5.7.17 and Redis 4.0 gets release candidates.

And that's a year in NewsBits. We'll have more NewsBits for you all through 2017.

Dj Walker-Morgan
Dj Walker-Morgan was Compose's resident Content Curator, and has been both a developer and writer since Apples came in II flavors and Commodores had Pets. Love this article? Head over to Dj Walker-Morgan’s author page to keep reading.

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