An Update on Encryption at Rest at Compose


At the start of April, we promised an update on how we were progressing with our plans to bring encryption at rest to all Compose database deployments. With the approaching GDPR deadline, it's a subject on everyone's mind, so here's the update.

We're happy to announce that so far we've upgraded over 75% of our host servers and and thousands of deployments to run on servers with Encryption at Rest enabled.

We adjusted our maintenance schedule early on to reduce disruption and so are not quite as far along as we may have hoped but it was important to balance everyone's requirements in what has been a huge undertaking.

What this means to Compose users is that it's already likely your database deployment is running with Encryption at Rest. If you need to specifically confirm that, contact support with your deployment details and they'll let you know.

We are looking to complete the process across all of Compose in the coming weeks. At which point, you'll know your data is resting safely and soundly on encrypted disk volumes.

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attribution Alexander Possingham

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