Announcing MongoHQ Replica Set Plans


Behind the scenes, for a couple of months now, we have been beta testing some of the great new features of MongoDB 1.8 with a few of our customers. Now, we are excited to announce that we offer high-availability multi-node replica set plans on the MongoHQ platform. We are pretty excited about this release, as it makes available some great features that our users have been asking for, including:

This new level of databases will provide solid production performance for a wide range of applications as well as peace of mind considering the unexpected nature of the web. These plans also include all the features that our shared plans offer, including: automated backups, performance statistics and charting, query logs, etc. Also, this environment is closely monitored and optimized as needed.

Today, we are rolling out the first of what we expect will be three different plans. Each one will offer a different pricing, storage and performance level to fit various technological and budgetary needs. We will be bringing the additional plan levels online soon.

You can find out additional information, including pricing, by visiting the MongoHQ pricing page. Also, please contact us at if you have questions or need additional information about these new plans. We would love to talk with you about them and hope to hear from you!

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