Announcing the Data Browser for JanusGraph


It's now even easier to query and visualize a JanusGraph graph with the integrated Data Browser for JanusGraph.

Since we introduced Compose for JanusGraph as a beta experience, the engineering team have been working on making the command line and programmatic experience the best and most reliable environment that you can traverse your JanusGraph database in. Now the time has come to expand that experience to the Compose web console complete with graph visualization; say hello to the Data Browser for JanusGraph.

You'll find it under the Browser tab in the Compose console on a JanusGraph deployment and click through to open up a new window with the browser. Although it looks simple, there's a lot of power in this user interface. At the top, you can edit your Gremlin query, click the arrow or press shift enter and the query will be executed immediately.

Into the graph

The power comes in how the results are handled. Each set of query results generates a "Query Response Card" that is placed on the top of a stack of previous queries. Each card is a combined view of the JSON results and, if possible to create, a graph visualization of those results.

The displayed graph will join vertices and edges together while letting you re-layout the graph. Clicking on vertices in the graph will automatically focus the JSON view of the results on the results that created that node. The JSON view can also be filtered down to labels, types or properties, depending on how much information you need to explore with.

When you are done browsing the card, just go type your new query into the editor up top, or if you want to refine a cards query, click the copy icon to push its creation query into the editor. Old cards can be left open or folded up as you work your way around your graph's topologies.

You can read more about the browser in the Compose help or just dive in on your Compose for JanusGraph deployment today.

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attribution Ricardo Gomez Angel

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