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SXSW V2V 2013 - Vegas Style

This week was the first-ever SXSW conference in Las Vegas. With about 1,500 attendees, many SXSW alumni said this is how the early days of SXSW Austin felt. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, led the first keynote and shared his vision for revitalizing d…

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OSCON 2013 Wrapup

This year's oscon was almost overwhelmed with "We're hiring!" From vender booths, after-hours events, attendee badges and even the conference app, it was clear that 80% of people were trying to hire the remaining 20%. By the way, we're hiring. Notwi…

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MongoHQ At OSCON 2013

OSCON 2013 starts today in Portland! This conference highlights hundreds of various open source technologies, and MongoDB continues to be a large subject. When I first started into using MongoDB, I learned the most from 10gen's presentations. They ar…

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explain.explain() - Understanding Mongo Query Behavior

MongoDB has an extremely flexible query syntax. The flexibility allows all sorts of useful queries, and some that are mysteriously slow. It’s reasonably easy to figure out why a query is slow … you simply need to ask MongoDB to explain itself. .expla…

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