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John O'Connor is a software architect that enjoys tinkering with things, designing software, and writing about it all.

Building JavaScript Microservices with SenecaJS and Compose

Database-backed microservices are powerful and in this article we show how to use SenecaJS, NodeJS and Compose databases to create a virtual product catalog using them. Microservices are making a huge dent in the web development world, with companie…

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Authenticating Node-RED using JSONWebToken - Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we got a first look at using JSONWebToken in Node-RED by learning how to encrypt and decrypt tokens with the node-red-contrib-auth package. In this article, we'll connect our application to a MongoDB database and lay the gr…

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Authenticating Node-RED with JSONWebToken

Node-RED is great for power prototyping, but how do you keep the bad guys (or the general public for that matter) from using your endpoints without permission? When it's time to think of authenticating, JSONWebToken (JWT) is an elegant and simple wa…

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Power Prototyping with MongoDB and Node-RED

Do you want to be able to quickly get your database backend fronted by a web service? Node-RED and MongoDB can be a powerful ally in your strategy and we'll show you how. Whether you're just getting started with a small toy project or about to embark…

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