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How I Stopped Worrying & Learned to Love the Mongo Shell

Although it is built around a JavaScript engine, many people approach the Mongo Shell as simply a way of entering queries, updates and administration commands. But that JavaScript engine opens up a world of possibilities for making a MongoDB user's l…

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Data Analysis, Minus the Crippling Performance Hit

Many databases have a wealth of "knowledge" that can be unearthed with a little bit of digging. If you have a database with 5GB of data, there's not much to it, just bring up a copy of the database, perform your analysis, and tear it back down. But…

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MongoDB Data Management

A MongoDB fitness plan to avoid death-by-disk-overflow We all know the scenario, after your initial deployment you're using your database without incident for a few months, and then you notice that your data has grown, and it's huge! And now you need…

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Verify MongoDB Replica Set High Availability with the Step Down Button

Mon­goDB replica sets are engi­neered for high avail­abil­ity. Replica sets con­sist of repli­cated data-nodes, and are pow­er­ful and resilient to net­work inter­rup­tions. We have a new tool that will assist in ver­ifying your appli­ca­tion is eq…

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