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Shipwrecked! A MongoDB Data Recovery Tale

It was September 19, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, when a friend-of-a-friend (we'll call him Cap’n Pur­ple­beard) hailed our jolly crew with a tale of woe. The friend-of-a-friend had not been running MongoDB with us, but had been running Mon…

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Encrypting Sensitive Data in Your MongoDB Database

With MongoDB making its way into different, and sometime sensitive, applications, we are helping customers with a number of questions about data encryption. The question and answer cycle usually starts with us asking "what do you need?", and the cus…

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Behind the Curtain of MongoHQ: A Gotcha With Select in Python

We generally spend our time talking about databases, but occasionally run into fun technical challenges that seem worth sharing. Here’s something one of our newest team members (Paul Rubin) recently learned. One of our upcoming features requires low…

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