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Compose at Christmas

It's at this time of the year, as 2016 comes to an end, that Compose and all the people who make Compose what it is wish you a happy holiday. If you missed it, we have a look back at Compose's year and a retrospective on the database news of 2016. O…

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Compose's 2016 - All about the database

What a year it's been for Compose. We... Brought MongoDB 3.2, PostgreSQL 9.5, ElasticSearch 2.4.0 and Redis 3.2 to the Compose system Built features around them to make working with them even easier Grew to keep up with demand for our production-read…

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RethinkDB and Compose: Where Next

TL;DR: RethinkDB databases on Compose will be available for the foreseeable future. The unfortunate news that RethinkDB Inc is closing its doors as a commercial entity has led people to ask us, as hosts of RethinkDB database deployments, what our int…

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