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Tim Yocum has been in various ops-related roles since 1998 and celebrates going off-call with Chicagoland craft beer. His current PagerDuty alert tone is Ship's Bell.

Data Privacy and Governance Update

Compose allows customers to deploy databases in many datacenters across the world with our commitment to provider and location diversity. Because of this flexibility, we need to take into account data privacy laws not just in the United States, but i…

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Hiring: How We Do It

Our hiring process is different, very different. It's designed to be as fair and effective as possible. Tim Yocum explains how and why we do it differently at Compose. Hiring is a difficult task for most small companies. Finding the right fit is ofte…

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Compose on DigitalOcean: Behind the Scenes

After our successful deployment of Compose on DigitalOcean, Tim Yocum, our Lead Operations Engineer, worked on a case study of the process from inception to international production. We're rerunning it here for anyone who missed it on the DigitalOcea…

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A Duty to Alert - PagerDuty at Compose

Compose's Tim Yocum recently wrote a guest blog at Pagerduty which we reproduce here for our readers who don't read that blog. Compose users know that we take care of their data and their databases with our intelligent infrastructure and smart people…

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