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Noteworthy changes

Over the last several days, the Bach command line and GoComposeAPI have had some important changes.

Bach 0.3.0

Bach, the command line for the Compose API is adding some new commands and changing how details about Compose deployments are printed. The new user command complements exiting the teams and roles commands. To enable this, the old user command, which displayed the current user details has been replaced with the user show command and makes space for user add and user del. The del command takes a user id which you can get via the bach users command.

In other changes, more details of deployments will be shown when bach details is used, including arrays of connection strings where there may have been only one displayed value. Bach will also skip fields if there's nothing to display as a value. If you have an application which uses Bach's output and are affected by this, please use the --json flag and consume the JSON version of the results. Bach is also, now, displaying the Scylla Maps in bach details. You'll find the binary release of Bach 0.3.0 in the repository. If you build your own Bach, also be aware we've switched from Glide to Dep.

GoComposeAPI 0.3.0

If you use the GoComposeAPI to get connection strings, version 0.3.0 may be a breaking change for you. We have switched connection strings from strings to arrays of strings. This is to ensure better compatibility with possible changes in the Compose API as more databases offer more connections. As mentioned above, we also now return the Scylla Maps data. The updated GoComposeAPI is in its repository.

Compose Articles

Since the last Noteworthy at Compose, we've had articles on Go and Compose databases, Node and the Compose API, and traversing Compose JanusGraph graphs along with our regular NewsBits.

That's it for this week's Noteworthy at Compose.

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