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JanusGraph Browser Boosted

JanusGraph's browser has got a usability boost. Building on early feedback since we launched the browser, we've revamped the data browser with a richer rendering component which can display selected labels for vertices and edges. That means no more having to check the JSON data for more information, though you can still click a vertice or edge and get some more data to pop up.

Labels and labeling

Here, we are visualizing the results of traversing the air-routes map which was mentioned in a recent article, asking for five routes between San Francisco and London Heathrow where no hop is more than 3000 miles. We're displaying the code for the airport and the distance of each of the edges.

The updated browser can also automatically layout the results in a range of automated styles: concentric, breadth-first, grid or cose/force-directed. If we rearrange our graph breadth first it comes out like this...

Breadth-first Graph

Of course, more rendering space means that we can't squeeze in the JSON display in older split screen format. Instead, the JSON data is visible in a separate JSON tab at the top of the card.

JSON viewed

This does have the advantage of giving your data a lot more space to occupy which is handy if you have some wide property strings field.

The updated data browser is available for all new JanusGraph deployments and should be available on all older deployments. If not, contact support and they will ensure you are up to date.

Noteworthy Changes

Compose Articles

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