Compose and Seattle: Unremoting and DataLayer


This week sees a Compose tradition taking place in Seattle as the whole, much expanded Compose team gets together to work together and to be there for the DataLayer conference. The Unremoting, as we call it is the way we bring an all-remote company together to bond and to exchange ideas face to face without the dilution of text discussion, the limited bandwidth of audio chat or the b-ufffff-ering of video conferencing. Unlike previous unremotings though, there'll be one day where everyone will either be helping out or attending our DataLayer conference.

We've talked about unremoting before and people have asked what's the difference between that and say a typical company-wide meeting. So we thought we'd ask Composers what they thought about it....

"The week combines my two favorite things about Compose: Learning more about how developers use databases to build things, and spending time with the rest of the Compose team" says Michele, adding that both things happening at once is just a bonus. That this unremoting is in Seattle, "a city that understands the importance of coffee', is an additional bonus.

Experience counts

Coffee will very much be the order of the week as people gather and work together. Veteran of the last unremoting in New Orleans, Dan notes that they "really help to understand body language and subtle character traits that can get lost in text-based communication. You come away with cultural and social learnings that you can apply during remote work to better interpret and appreciate your coworkers. I feel like I collaborate better with the people I’ve met in person in New Orleans."

Joshua, another New Orleans veteran had only just joined when that unremoting took place and that "It was awesome to get to see folks so early on at Compose". He points out that "There's been a LOT of changes to Compose just since then. There's a lot of new faces to see, and I'm psyched to meet everyone who's come on in the past 6 months."

New unremoters

Paul has experience of meeting people face to face in previous organisations and as a new joiner knows that he has "found it to be a huge enhancement to my online communication with individuals after I've spent a little time with them in person, I'm sure it will be the same with Compose. I'm really excited to meet all my colleagues for the first time."

Another first-timer for the unremoting experience is Martin. "As one of the newer hires in support, it will definitely be really cool to have some face to face interactions with support and everyone that'll be in attendance. Being around the gang and attending the conference will also present a lot of learning opportunities. It's an experience that I am looking forward to."

Conference and travel

The conference is a new twist to the unremoting; another newcomer, Arick tells us he is "looking forward to the presentations on topics like polyglot, indexing, genome, scylla and graphql from a great line-up of speakers from Capital One, Omnilab, Zendesk, Linkedin, Artsy…".

Lisa, the Metrics Maven, is "super interested in the Datalayer topics and speakers" and the unremoting "because I love the Compose family. #iheartcompose". She also notes thet "traveling is always an adventure!" and there'll be plenty of that going on with unremoters coming in from across the United States (including Hawaii), Canada, Great Britain, South Africa and Japan.

Why unremote?

And it will also be a great chance to explore Seattle. Jon is planning to "discover if Seattle has any kind of coffee culture 😉 while we get to see old and new faces and have some much needed face-time that we don't normally enjoy."

As well as it being a lot of fun, all through the unremoting we'll be working too. Mat looks forward to "hanging out together, working together and coming up with new ideas to make our product better."

And that's the big idea behind unremoting: To make everything about Compose better.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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