Compose Enterprise Reloaded


Compose Enterprise is back and better than ever. Fully managed and dedicated to your conquest of the data layer.

Today, after months of development, we are pleased to be re-introducing Compose Enterprise. Compose Enterprise adds the option of using managed hosts that are dedicated to your own Compose cluster so you can have all the features of Compose along with encrypted data at rest and control over backups for compliance and security.

It has been some time since we originally launched Compose Enterprise and during that time we've listened to our users and customers and learned what they need. The new Compose Enterprise that comes to you today is inspired by your needs and engineered for your production demands.

Compose Enterprise Refined

Compose started out only offering multi-tenant database deployments; the many databases we manage for our customers are deployed on clusters of large host systems. Using a powerful combination of container technology, software-defined networking, and advanced management processes, these database deployments operate as if they were running on isolated hardware with private networking. It's allowed Compose to deliver vast fleets of databases to thousands of users with the ability to scale on-demand as those customers grow.

We initially delivered a version of Compose Enterprise which could be provisioned on any VPC that was managed and provisioned by a customer. It's a powerful option but it became clear that more and more users just want the option to have isolated dedicated hardware provisioned and managed by Compose running their Enterprise cluster. We switched focus to deliver that and we've been running it in test and production with customers for some months. Now it is ready for everyone.

Compose Enterprise Defined

Compose Enterprise uses exactly the same technology to deliver databases to customers but Enterprise allows those customers to have their own private cluster of hosts where they can deploy one, or one hundred or one thousand, databases. With Compose Enterprise, the cluster is entirely dedicated to the customer and located in the cloud datacenter of their choice. This makes compliance with various industry requirements possible and simple. It also means that you can consume all the resources your Enterprise cluster has to offer; scale databases vertically or, where supported, horizontally to fully exploit the compute and I/O power of the cluster.

Compose Enterprise also includes volume level encryption-at-rest, alongside Compose's existing options for encryption in flight for connections between the client applications and the clusters databases. Take all that and then add in Compose's standard features, nine database technologies at your command to deploy, each with their own private networking, high availability features, data browsing from a web browser, user/team access controls, automated backups, performance controls and more.

Compose Enterprise Delivered

Compose Enterprise gives you all the flexibility, automated, autoscaling, manageability of Compose, but in a high compliance, dedicated and exclusive environment and all automatically covered by Compose's Enhanced support package.

Learn more about Compose Enterprise or get in touch right now and find out how you could use it to manage your Enterprise database

Dj Walker-Morgan
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