Compose Enterprise - The Mission Begins


Today is a big day for Compose as we begin the beta release of Compose Enterprise, the next stage in the evolution of the Compose platform. We've delivered the power of Compose through our own cloud provisioned infrastructure, but now, with Compose Enterprise we can deliver it to you on servers that you control.

The Why

What is the power of Compose? It's the ability to provide complete database clusters to users at the click of a button. Those database clusters come with everything needed to make them highly-available, secure, regularly backed-up and completely automatic. Compose then adds management and monitoring at all times by a skilled database operations team to make those databases reliable and resilient.

All of the Compose power to date has been brought to you through our cloud provisioned infrastructure. We knew there was another need, a need to bring that same power into customers' own networks and their infrastructure.

With Compose Enterprise, we're able to answer that need. Signing up for Compose Enterprise means we'll give you the keys and control to spin up your own Compose cluster on your AWS provisioned cloud and then automatically plug that cluster into Compose's control and management system.

The cluster is under your control while at the same time you get to leverage Compose's convenient power to deliver the databases you want and need to your enterprise. Need to deploy more databases? Just add memory to your hosts and Compose will scale up with you. Pretty neat. If you're a heavy user of Compose database deployments, you could well find that Compose Enterprise is a great way to take more control of your databases and your budgets.

The How

Compose Enterprise is billed on the basis of how much RAM you have in your cluster and you can provision. You pay for your own VPC host provisioning costs and then Compose Enterprise starts at $600 for 24GB of RAM spread through your Compose enterprise cluster.

To set it up on AWS is simply a matter of logging into your Compose account and giving us the details of your VPC. We'll generate the scripts needed to provision and create the hosts you'll need for the Compose-deployed databases to run on. Once provisioned, when you set up a Compose database you'll be able to select your own VPC cluster to be where you want it to be created. It's that easy.

The VPC is yours to control so you can deploy your own applications in your VPC and securely connect to Compose databases within your own VPC. That means you can bring your databases and applications closer together for a smoother, faster experience.

Join The Mission

Today is the first day of our mission to deliver Compose to you, wherever you want your data to be, with the Compose Enterprise Beta. You'll need an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to begin your setup process. Our Compose Enterprise UI will then take you through the process of turning that VPC into your own Compose Enterprise cluster. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Compose Enterprise and the first 100 qualified sign ups will also be fully covered in a new Compose hoodie so you can show you are onboard with our mission.

If you already have a Compose account, log in and just click on the new Clusters button in the sidebar. If you don't have an account, sign up here for your launch codes and a free thirty day trial of Compose where you too can click on the Clusters button and launch your Compose Enterprise.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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