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This is your weekly summary of Compose news for those changes and updates which can make your life easier. In this edition, MySQL 5.7.22 is now available with Compose for MySQL and Bach, the Compose command line tool, gets updated and documented. We also take a look at the past week's Compose Articles.

Compose for MySQL 5.7.22

We've just brought MySQL 5.7.22 online with the beta of Compose for MySQL. As is our policy, this is available now if you actively select it in the version selector when deploying or restoring and it's available as an in-place upgrade for users of MySQL 5.7.20.

For those following release notes, the MySQL 5.7.22 release notes show that this release is predominantly a bug fix release. There are a some deprecations, mainly with an eye to MySQL 8.

Also with an eye to MySQL 8, some MySQL 8 JSON functions have been backported to 5.7.22. These backports changes include the renaming the JSON_MERGE() function to JSON_MERGE_PRESERVE() and adding a JSON_MERGE_PATCH() function, JSON_STORAGE_SIZE() for calculating the binary size of a JSON document and adding JSON_PRETTY() to pretty print JSON values.

For the next week, MySQL 5.7.22 will be available as an option, then over the weekend, we'll be switching it to our preferred MySQL in Compose for MySQL from July 16th.

Users who do automated deployments of MySQL via the API should be prepared for that switch by either following the recommended path and ensuring they work correctly with MySQL 5.7.22. The alternative is to pin deployment creation to the older version, but this option will, eventually, go away as we remove support for those older versions.

Bach update

There's an update for Bach, the Compose command line, now available. Mostly it's a bug fix to our recent big Bach refresh which added the ability to refer to Compose deployments by name rather than ID. One or two commands missed getting that name lookup extension and the list command behaves better when filtering.

But the reason this is noteworthy is because Bach now has its own Bach help page in the Compose documentation. You'll find details of all the commands and flags available in Bach there. The section is part of the Compose Essentials section with information of versions, database lifecycle, datacenter availability, debugging connections, timeouts and other limits.

Compose Articles

It was a quiet week last week as the United States celebrated its independence on Wednesday. That said, there was last weeks Noteworthy on Elasticsearch 2 and how it's retirement will affect users on Compose. On Friday we did our weekly NewsBits on RabbitMQ which just got upgraded with a new Erlang engine; also included, a bug fix release for Elasticsearch, a handy schema tool for PostgreSQL, how JRuby is getting faster and the latest release of Visual Studio Code's tricks with grids.

That's it for this week's Noteworthy at Compose. Onwards to next week!

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