Compose for MySQL and Compose for ScyllaDB: the new Compose databases on Bluemix


Since we made Compose-hosted databases for Bluemix available, we've seen Bluemix users opening up the catalog to the benefits of hosted and managed Compose for MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, etcd and RabbitMQ. There's now two more databases to add to that list: Compose for MySQL, probably the most popular SQL database in the world, and ScyllaDB, a high-performance Cassandra-compatible database. Each of these new options brings new capabilities to the application stacks that developers can deploy:

Compose for MySQL (beta): MySQL is probably the most popular open source relational database in the world; it debuted in 1995 and rapidly became an essential part of the internet's infrastructure as a component of the LAMP stack. Since then it has been constantly evolving under different owners. With a broad subset of ANSI SQL 99 and a wide set of its own extensions, including JSON document, full-text search, and updatable views, MySQL offers a rich palette for developers to draw on in their applications. Administrators will also find a wide selection of database management tools that can work with MySQL.

Compose for ScyllaDB (beta): ScyllaDB is a highly performant, in-place replacement for the Cassandra wide-column distributed database. ScyllaDB is written in C++, rather than Cassandra's Java, for better resource usage that can result in ten times better performance in benchmarks. Whilst retaining compatibility with Cassandra tool and data files, ScyllaDB adds self-tuning capabilities.

As with all Compose databases, IBM Compose makes them even better by taking care of the management for you. This includes offering an easy, auto-scaling deployment system which delivers high availability and redundancy, automated no-stop backups and much more.

Also, we'd like to announce the promotion of RabbitMQ from beta to top table status, ready and complete for all production demands. The messaging platform is an essential complement to decoupled applications that distribute workloads.

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Dj Walker-Morgan
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