Compose's IBM Adventure: 4 Months In


It was just over 120 days ago that we went public with the news that IBM was acquiring Compose and, all being well, you shouldn't have noticed any change in how we work with you, the Compose user. We're keeping up our tradition of delivering cost-effective, production-ready, cloud-based database deployments for MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, RethinkDB and PostgreSQL. It's what we do and we're happy to be doing it for more people than ever before.

Four months in as part of IBM and we're also still bringing the new to the Compose Platform. In the last month we've rolled out etcd and RabbitMQ, keeping up our agile and innovative culture. By bringing infrastructure tools in alongside our databases we're looking at the larger enterprise that needs more than just a reliable and queryable data store up in the cloud and the startups who want to look beyond just scaling up databases to grow.

Growing global with IBM

We've also been travelling the world with the people of IBM and working alongside them. There's no better way to understand people than to hang out with them. From San Mateo to Alabama, from Boston USA to Bristol UK, Composers have been getting to know what IBM is like from the inside and IBM folk have been learning what Compose can do for them and IBM's other products. At the same time, there are now even more Composers coming on board to build out our team as we perfect our hiring process.

We've had to adapt to IBM's way of doing things as we plug into the vast array of resources the company has to offer. As Jordan Kasper at Strongloop (another recent IBM acquisition) said "All of those resources I mentioned are great, no doubt, but that also means interacting with a lot of people. And that means meetings. And meetings about meetings. And scheduling for meetings". Making that work well with our hyper-agile processes at Compose is a challenge, but it's one we are meeting (sic).

Getting to know you

Being acquired by IBM has also allowed us to get out more and meet Compose users and prospective users and explain what we're about in terms of technology and our philosophy of databases. You may have enjoyed the Compose sponsored coffee at Github Universe or at AWS Re:Invent, with our IBM Cloudant associates, or at IBM Insight, where we gave out our soon to be collector items, Compose mugs. Or you might meet us at Thunder Plains. You may have made it to our first Meetup, which we presented with CoreOS and RethinkDB or you might have met us when we were a sponsor of CalHacks, presenting a prize for the best use of a database. Your chances of meeting a Composer are going up rapidly.

You'll be seeing us around a lot more but even if you can't get to any of the events we're at, we've just opened up #compose on the Freenode IRC network where you can have an informal chat with Composers too. With our Write Stuff programme we've also made our Articles space available to you, the people who use Compose and database technology, to write about your experiences and help inform others while getting more than just a credit as a reward.


Four months in to the IBM acquisition, we're getting bigger, smarter, quicker and more open. We're better resourced and we're bringing our fast and agile culture to IBM. This is what synergy looks like.

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