Compose in the Wild


It's conference season and we've headed out of our offices to events around the world. As a remote-team, we're always happy to get out to events to meet developers, designers and customers to talk about what they want out of their databases, to give out t-shirts and to pour some coffees. If you're looking for advice on optimizing your databases to build for scale, stop by to meet us at one of these upcoming events, we'd be delighted to help.

RailsConf has kicked off this week and you can find our booth by following the aroma. Of coffee that is. Lots of coffee! Drop by the booth to get a cup or two or three. Our team of Rails devs was on site to set up yesterday and decided to install a basketball hoop at the booth. If you’re at RailsConf, come on by to see us, score a basket and get a free Compose t-shirt.

Rails booth

We’re sponsoring many other events and user groups this year. Over the next few months you can find us at these fine conferences:

We also announced not too long ago that we are actively looking to sponsor more local meetups. So far, four user group leaders from Node.js Houston, React.js Buenos Aires , Vienna DB and Remote Meetup Go have bravely responded to the call. We’re happy to share that we're sponsoring these community events with cash, food, swag and more.

If you're in the area, consider checking out these groups. The new Remote Meetup Go community is entirely remote, so sign up to join up with them from anywhere.

Want sponsorship for your meetup? Email us at and we’ll do our best to help out.

Hope to see you soon at an upcoming event!

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