Compose Is Joining IBM


Today we are excited to announce that Compose is joining IBM. As founders, it was the biggest and most important decision we've ever had to make — much more difficult than we ever would have guessed back when we only dreamed of having a successful company. While we are profitable and growing fast, we think now is the right time to team up with a larger company. We will be able to do more, faster, and it's the best way to continue our mission. Also, I'm not going to say the word "synergy", but synergy.

At IBM, Compose will be part of the Cloud Data Services (CDS) group. It's a great fit. We'll be able to continue building what we think is important, with a brand we really like, and the same team that works so well together. All with the backing of a major company. As a nice bonus, we're especially excited about CDS. IBM has a tremendous database pedigree (it's kind of ridiculous, Codd invented the relational model there in the '60s) and CDS is the spearhead of their efforts to reinvent the entire company. It's an incredible new challenge.

For customers who are wondering what this change means, here is a list of things you might care about:

To sum up: If you're a customer, nothing is changing. It's simply getting a little more credible.

There's more about this announcement on the IBM website. If you're a press release junkie, you'll find one there.

On a more personal note, when we made the jump to "building a startup" six years ago, the future was anything but certain. Starting a company is a certain kind of crazy, too. Starting a company when you have family and kids was another layer of zaniness. We've been fortunate, though, and it worked better than we could have imagined. It's been a magnificent ride.

I'm really proud of our team and their work. It is because of them that Compose has become such an amazing company. I know that's the trite, expected thing for a founder to say, but it really is true. I love working at this company, love the culture we have built together and love working with everyone here. They are the real-deal magic that makes this meaningful. I couldn't be happier that they're all coming with us along this ride.

Kurt Mackey and Jason McCay

Kurt Mackey
Kurt Mackey was a founder and CEO of Compose. He previously wrote and managed infrastructure for Ars Technica. Current inventory includes 4 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 3 chickens, and 1 venus flytrap. Love this article? Head over to Kurt Mackey’s author page to keep reading.

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