Compose Launches New Relic Support


Today we are relaunching our New Relic support on Compose. This refresh will let new, and old customers get their database metrics into New Relic's analyze-and-alert service.

Compose users with good memories will recall we previously had a New Relic integration service. Users were able to sign up and use it but we were not happy with how the system was scaling. It was somewhat monolithic and we know when to take a step back with a plan. With that in mind and to ensure that everyone got the best possible service, we shut the enrolment page down while leaving the system running for existing users. For the existing users, New Relic support never went away.

Then we set about creating a replacement New Relic integration. The issue we had with the original New Relic integration was that it relied on a monolithic server process to act as a switch for all the metric data. This worked but as it scaled up, it became apparent that what we really needed was a per-deployment mechanism which would focus on providing metrics for New Relic for just one deployment. This, we planned, would result in a more reliable, more redundant and more flexible way of gathering metrics.

Within Compose, we've moved to our capsule-based deployments to give us the flexibility and agility we need to make sure you are getting the best possible service. With that engineering in place, we could create a capsule for MongoDB which could collect metrics and deliver them to another service.

We decided to use the MeetMe agent for New Relic which can do all the data gathering needed. To deploy it with MongoDB, we created a New Relic capsule based on that agent. If you want to use it, you select Add-Ons on your Compose Dashboard and then give it the API key associated with your New Relic account. And that's it. Behind the scenes, the Compose platform adds another container loaded with the New Relic capsule and API key and starts it running within the isolated virtual private network that each MongoDB deployment runs on.

As there is a new capsule added to the configuration, and in line with other capsule based capabilities such as extra access portals, there is an extra $4.50 per month per deployment cost for the New Relic integration.

As you may realise, this isn't just about MongoDB or New Relic – we're moving to an architecture where we can, on demand, add new features to your database deployments. Look out for more services for more databases in the future as we build on this functionality. For now, you can get your MongoDB on New Relic more quickly, simply and reliably than ever before on Compose.

Dj Walker-Morgan
Dj Walker-Morgan was Compose's resident Content Curator, and has been both a developer and writer since Apples came in II flavors and Commodores had Pets. Love this article? Head over to Dj Walker-Morgan’s author page to keep reading.

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