Compose's Little Bits #16 - PostgreSQL, RethinkDB, LIGO, htop


PostgreSQL updates and advice, RethinkDB on Windows, SQL querying LIGO data, CSV on the Web, Parse updates, htop, and Silicon Valley - All the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


PostgreSQL updates - There's updates to PostgreSQL now available. The 9.5.1 update includes fixes for infinite loops in regular expressions and issues with ON CONFLICT and HAVING. The 9.4.6 update fixes those same infinite loop issues and also corrects an indexing problem with jsonb GIN indexes - if you use them, check the release notes.

RethinkDB for Windows – If you've not looked at RethinkDB because it's not available on Windows then the RethinkDB for Windows Developer Preview may make you want to make some time for the rather fine real-time JSON database. It's a solid native port with no emulation layers and there's already a C# library so you can start developing for RethinkDB on any platform today.

PostgreSQL advice – Over on Christopher Pettus blog, there's a good reminder that indexes are not cheap. A single column took nearly 14 times longer with 8 indexes to insert 100 million records into than with no indexes.

LIGO and SQL – There'll be a lot of poring over the LIGO gravity wave results. Over at Dremio's blog they are already using SQL and Apache Drill to do queries on the data. If you've not come across it, Apache Drill lets you use data from numerous unstructured sources and treat it like an SQL accessible table. Using it for LIGO data is a good quick introduction. And yay! Gravity Waves!


CSV on the Web – We recently had a short series on CSV formatted data in Compose Articles. We did forget to mention the CSV on the Web Working Group at the W3C are taking on the challenge of metadata describing CSV data for better integration. A recent draft of CSV on the Web: A Primer is a useful read and points to standards for tabular data and generating JSON and RDF from them.

Parse Too – The shuttering of Parse is ongoing, but the open source Parse Server - delivered as a way to replace the data storage element of Parse – has already been well received. According to the original author of the server, the shutdown announcement and the open source server announcement were not actually related. Meanwhile, that same server is already getting enhanced. In the Parse Blog, support for Push Notifications was announced in the form of an customizable PushAdapter.


htop 2.0 – Top is great but htop is even better at giving you an interactive view of what is going on inside your system. Now htop 2.0 is available and what was previously a Linux only application is now working on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X. It also knows about mouse weels for scrolling, is easier to set up and has revamped meter graphics. Oh and press "e" on a process and you can see what its environment variable settings were. Mac OS X users will also find htop 2.0 is now availble on brew too. is a new service which checks the headers on your web services to see if you are using all the protections the modern web can afford you. And it also points you to where you can get some advice on how to configure your headers.


Silicon Valley – HBO has released a teaser for Silicon Valley Series 3 and it promises to continue the insightful documentary into the emerging startups ecosystem.

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