Compose's Little Bits #3


A collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the past week. This week, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Greenplum, FreeGeoDB, Node, Rust, Atom and Jobs at NeXT.


Elasticsearch 2.0 goes GA - The fine folks at have announced the general availability release of Elasticsearch 2.0.0. There's plenty of enhancements in aggregations, queries, storage, security, performance and resilience, which along with changes to how things are deployed makes it quite a major upgrade, and as such at Compose we'll be testing it out till we are happy with it. Alongside all the big announcements, Sense 2.0.0 beta was open sourced too. This is an alternative way to interact with the Elasticsearch API and it'll be interesting to see how it catches on.

MongoDB 3.2.0-RC1 - Over at MongoDB Inc, the WiredTiger defaulting next version of MongoDB, 3.2.0, has seen its first release candidate launched. The in-development release notes give details of most of the changes currently due to land in 3.2.0.

Greenplum goes open source - The Greenplum Database for Data Warehousing has been open sourced and is available on GitHub. Pivotal announced this move in February, and now we get to see the code. It's Apache 2 licensed and has it's own website. The hope is that many of the enhancements in Greenplum will make their way back into mainstream PostgreSQL on which it is based.

FreeGeoDB - Looking for some geographic data? Check out FreeGeoDB, a CC-SA-4.0 licensed dataset on Github which contains CSV, JSON and MySQL formatted data for airports, cities, countries, lakes, ports, roads, railways and timezones. The various formats are generated from JSON and WKT format files.


Node 5.0 - It was only two weeks ago that Node 4.2 landed, but that was, and is, the long term support version - if you are in production, look to Node 4.2. If you crave excitement and the bleeding edge of Node development though, the new Node 5.0 is for you with breaking changes and a new V8 JavaScript engine.

Rust 1.4 - The latest release of the Mozilla-driven Rust language, Rust 1.4, sees work done on creating an improved and stable platform to build fast, safe, concurrent applications.

Atom 1.1 - Version 1.1 of Github's "looks like Sublime Text but in JavaScript" Atom editor is now available. Atom 1.1 has smarter character handling on screen enabling variable width and ligature fonts and built in markdown previews.


Jobs - As Aaron Sorkin's Jobs movie flops at the box office, one of the complaints was it really wasn't about Jobs the company maker. So enjoy this video from a documentary which follows him as he puts together NeXT Computer.

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