Compose's Little Bits #6


A collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the past week. This week, Redis, MongoDB, Apache Geode (and Ignite), Wireshark, Plotly.js, PinLater and remembering Chuck Forsberg.


Redis - Work on Redis 3.2 is ongoing and in a blog post Redis creator Salvatore Sanfilippo (aka Antirez) has shed light on two new features which will be in it: a Lua debugger and more control over scripts interaction with replication. If you didn't already know, Redis sports Lua-based scripting which allows complex operations to take place inside the server. A debugger is a welcome addition to the Lua toolset, but we'll see in the new year how effective it is. The new control over script and replication interaction is a very specific optimization but where it is appropriate it could decimate network traffic between nodes.

MongoDB 3.2 rc3 - Yes, a third release candidate for MongoDB 3.2 has arrived. Lots of bugs fixed in the server but there's already an rc4 scheduled in the tracking system so... we shall see.

Apache Geode - It's in the Apache incubator since early this year but Apache Geode appeared on the news radar this week. Geode is the open source derivative of the Gemfire database and it does look very interesting. It's a distributed, in-memory database with configurable consistency and self-healing clusters. If you want to check out something outside the Apache incubator, if only by two months, there's Apache Ignite, "in-memory data fabric", designed for working on large-scale datasets with distributed SQL queries. Like Geode, it is open source version of a previous commercial product, in this case GridGain.


Wireshark - A new version of the network packet-sniffer Wireshark, version 2.0, has arrived and looks awfully like the previous version. Don't be decieved though as, the Wireshark blog explains, the UI has been completely rewritten in Qt to be modern and consistent on all platforms. Good work. If you ever need to look at network traffic coming out of an application in the process of debugging it then Wireshark should be in your toolbox.

Plotly.js - Over at Plotly, the developers have open sourced Plotly.js, the core graphing technology behind their service of providing delightful visualizations of scientific data to sciencey eyes. The code is MIT licensed or you can just npm install plotly.js to get going.

PinLater - The good people of Pinterest have released PinLater, their asynchronous job execution system that has been running mission critical work at Pinterest for the last two years, as open source. The PinLater Thrift service takes job requests and dequeues them to worker pools. The system is built on top of a MySQL backend. The code is under an Apache 2.0 license.


Chuck Forsberg - The creator of ZModem, who's work probably did more to help move data and files around in the days before the Internet, passed away recently at the age of 71. Forsberg is remembered over at Hacker News.

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