Compose News: Scylla Summit and Elasticsearch Browser


Compose at Scylla Summit

Today, Compose's Nick Stott is the first speaker at the Scylla Summit being held in San Jose, CA. Scylla is a relatively new but rapidly developing columnar database which is Cassandra-compatible while engineered for high performance. The Summit physically brings together the Scylla community for the first time to learn more about where Scylla is going and how people are using it as a replacement for Cassandra.

It's great to see new databases appear. It's even better to have been invited to speak. Nick will be talking about the philosophy of how Compose brings databases to the cloud through our 12 factors of stateful applications. You can read more about that on Scylla's blog where the Scylla team interviewed Nick about his talk.

The talk is especially relevant to the Scylla Summit. That's because we're releasing Scylla into closed beta on the Compose Enterprise and Hosted platforms. We're taking applications to join the beta at the Summit and we are looking forward to when we can announce the open beta.

Elasticsearch joins the Compose Browser club

Compose Elasticsearch users with sharp eyes will have noticed a new icon on their Compose Console. We've just rolled out our new Elasticsearch browser which allows you to query your Elasticsearch database through the console and needs no other tools. We'll have an article covering, in detail, what you can do with it later in the week. It means Elasticsearch joins MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Redis as a Compose database with an integrated browser; just one of the ways we make databases easier for busy developers.

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