Compose Notes: A new location and an updated RabbitMQ


Compose's database deployments are now available in a new datacenter in Europe, we've got an upgrade for RabbitMQ users and there's a small addition to the Compose console to help keep track of things.

Frankfurt Softlayer

We recently added Softlayer's Frankfurt datacenter to the list of datacenters where your Compose database deployments can reside. This means Compose's Europe coverage now includes Softlayer in London and Frankfurt, Amazon Web Services in Dublin and Frankfurt and Google Cloud Platform in Belgium. And the cost for deploying databases into any of those data centers is exactly the same as Compose database deployments cost anywhere else. We like to make it easy for you to evaluate which datacenter is right for your application.

RabbitMQ 3.6.9

There are no huge changes in the latest version of RabbitMQ that is now available on Compose, but it is the most up to date version of the powerful messaging platform. Users of all existing RabbitMQ deployments will be able to upgrade to 3.6.9. It includes the statistics collection enhancements of 3.6.7, the back compatibility fix in 3.6.8 and the security improvements that came with 3.6.9. Upgrading is as simple as opening your RabbitMQ deployment's Settings in the Compose console, looking for Change Version and selecting 3.6.9 from the available versions.

Billing Code?

Some observant users dropped us a line after noticing a new field in the Compose console. The Billing Code field appears in the deployment settings just above the Notes field. Where the Notes field is a free form field for your essential information about a database deployment, the Billing Code field is all about any internal code you may want to use to track who's responsible for a deployment. If you've only got one database deployment with us, this isn't going to be that useful but if, as some Compose users, you have tens or hundreds of deployments associated with different customers, this field will be a boon.

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