Compose Notes: Bach Updated and Support Streamlined


There's new Compose API calls and a new version of Bach, the Compose command line. We've also been busy streamlining the process of raising a support ticket so there's less stress for you.

Bach Updated

There's new commands in Bach, the Compose API CLI, and endpoints in the API to fill out the new notes and billing code functionality.

Compose watchers will know that we added notes and billing codes to the information we hold with deployments. We recently also added support in the Deployments view to sort your databases by those billing codes, along with some other neat views of your data layer.

But we hadn't quite finished the job on that. That happens when you can programmatically change those notes and codes, and now you can. Compose API users will find patch-2016-07-deployments-id allows them to do just that. For Bach users, there's a new edition of command line utility for the Compose API. Bach 0.1.0 reorganizes the set command to allow you to set notes and set code in addition to set scale which was previously available.

We also took the opportunity to clean up some of the output. With Bach 0.1.0, links to other endpoints are automatically hidden - add the --links flag to get them displayed. Empty fields in the connections are also completely skipped and a recently added Misc connection string is rendered as JSON content for easier reading. You can find Bach on the's Bach GitHub releases page where it's available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Support Streamlined

There's one less option for most users in our revised support form and it may surprise some of you without some context. We strive to get to and respond to every support ticket as soon as possible and manage them so everyone gets the best response and the most effective solution. We looked into how people were using our support and found that one field was being set by many users which ran mis-set their expectations.

That field was the old "Priority" field, or as it came to be known, the "Help Emergency" button as so many users set it to the highest setting, even for non-urgent general questions. It turns out this is apparently quite a common pattern of behavior and also one that leads to stress for users filling in the ticket as they have to evaluate the urgency of their request. So we've made it simpler for all by eliminating the priority button and letting our internal triage processes work based on the actual content of your support requests.

One group of Compose users will, though, have a new option. Enhanced support customers will get an option to select between non-emergency and emergency response. This is to enable them to ensure that their requests do trigger the automatic prioritisation and rapid triage demanded by enhanced support users.

If you have any feedback about this or any other Compose article, drop the Compose Articles team a line at We're happy to hear from you.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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