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The Compose console now has a new way of scaling deployments which is clearer and simpler than ever. We've always allowed users to scale their Compose database deployments manually but we previously offered a multiplier – 1.5x, 2x, 3x – to control the scaling up or down. That worked, but didn't give the precision or clarity we wanted. So Compose engineers set about making it better and took as their starting point a scaling control people were already familiar with; the size selector that we display when you create a deployment. This means the new scaling panel looks like this:

New Scaling

Want to scale your deployment up, or down, just drag the slider to your desired size. Before you click Scale Deployment Now check the new disc, RAM and cost above the slider and read the notes on the right hand side - they can vary according to database type. Once you've clicked Scale Deployment Now, the changes go into effect immediately.

And Remember

Your Compose bill may come to you monthly, but it's worked out on an hourly basis. If you scale up for 8 hours to run a big job, and then scale down, you'll only be paying for the extra resources your scaled up deployment uses for those 8 hours. It's one of the great features of Compose; it's not just databases on demand, but it's more database when you need it.

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