Compose Notes: Elasticsearch 2.4.2 and backup updates


In this edition of Compose Notes, we have a new version of Elasticsearch online and a new backup mechanism for it.

Updated Elasticsearch

There's a new version of Elasticsearch available on Compose, 2.4.2, which includes some enhancements and bug-fixes to Elasticsearch itself. These include fixes to CRUD operations, math expressions, the Java API null checking and updated time libraries.

This update also incorporates a change in how we at Compose take backups. With Elasticsearch 2.4.2 on Compose, we are using the S3 snapshot/restore module to perform backups which, in testing, has improved reliability and speed over previous arrangements.

The change is transparent, so your existing backups are still restorable if needed. Like any other Compose database, just go to your deployment's console in the web front end, select Settings, then select 2.4.2 in the Change Version panel and click Change Version.

Remember that a rolling restart will take place as your database is upgraded to 2.4.2, so make sure your applications are set to reconnect or failover to another connection.

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