Compose Notes: High Resolution Autoscaling for Redis


Autoscaling has been enhanced for Redis users and the latest version of the in-memory database is now online. Find out more in this Compose Notes.

High Resolution Autoscaling

We've just made autoscaling on Redis more responsive so that you can be sure your instances will never run out of memory. The new high resolution autoscaling has been introduced as we found the traditional autoscaling system at Compose wasn't sensitive to sudden bursts of memory use.

Autoscaling samples resource usage once an hour and while most databases in the Compose environment handle the time between becoming resource constrained to being scaled up with ease, Redis as an in-memory database is limited in its responses. So the development team set out to improve this situation and came up with a Redis specific solution, high resolution autoscaling. At a practical level, it effectively checks the the resource usage every minute rather than every hour. This is fast enough that it can beat a rapidly expanding database to the out-of-memory punch.

We've already rolled out high resolution autoscaling to Redis 3.2.x deployments and new Redis 3.0.7 deployments. Existing 3.0.7 deployments will get the update in the coming days.

Redis 3.2.2

As we mentioned in our Friday roundup, Little Bits, Redis 3.2.2 was announced last week with fixes for Sentinel issues and errors in the GEORADIUS functions. That version is available for you to upgrade to now. Just go to your Redis deployment's console, select Settings and go to the Change Version panel. There, select the version you want to run (it should be be showing you 3.2.2) and click Change Version.

As we write this, we noted that Redis 3.2.3 has arrived fixing two minor issues. If you rely on the redis-cli command then you'll want to get Redis 3.2.3 locally to stop it saving history in an insecure file. We recommend you upgrade your Compose Redis deployments to 3.2.2 anyway. Update: Within hours of this article being published, 3.2.3 was made available on Compose by the Redis team. So now you can update to 3.2.3.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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