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We've just added the ability to add notes to your Compose database deployments.

One request we've often had is for better ways to identify your databases on Compose. Every database deployment has a unique name, but we found our users wanted to keep notes with their databases so they knew what they were dealing with. While some users only have one or two databases, others have dozens or more and this could be confusing. Of those users, some were careful and crafted their own information-rich names for their deployments, but they were quite cumbersome for regular use. That led us away from the idea of renaming deployments and, instead, we're letting people add an up-to-250 character note to each one of their deployments.

You can enter your new Deployment Note, as we call them, in the Settings view, underneath the Change Version option:


Type the text you want and then click Create Notes and your note is added. Where can you see this note, you may ask. Go back to the overview for the database deployment and look at the summary at the top. You'll see there's Notes at the end of the summary now:


The blue arrow link after the note lets you hop straight to the note settings too. It's simple and we hope it'll help all our users manage their databases better.

If you have any feedback about this or any other Compose article, drop the Compose Articles team a line at We're happy to hear from you.

Image by Brandi Redd
Dj Walker-Morgan
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