Compose Notes - RethinkDB 2.3.2 now available


We're happy to announce that RethinkDB 2.3.2 is now available on Compose for all users. There were some big additions for RethinkDB in 2.3 is the addition of users and accounts and SSL/TLS support being built in.

We've had SSL/TLS support for RethinkDB at Compose for a while, but now is a great time to switch the Rethink's solution as it also gives change feed and query optimizations. That has required some restructuring of how we manage connections with Compose deployments but the good news is that you can do it all yourself and the Compose console will prompt you all the way. In fact, it'll let you know you can upgrade when you go to the deployment overview:

Deployment needs upgrade

2.3.2 has become our default version, and this deployment, an older 2.2.4 now needs updating. If we hop over to the Settings tab, we can see this:

Settings Upgrade

Which, like other Compose databases, is how we offer version updates. Version 2.3.2 should be selected (unless you are reading this in the future in which case we all have real hover-boards and/or version 2.3.3 or later is available). Read on beyond here though, because there's more to come after clicking on Change Version to start the upgrade process.

Once the change version update is complete, if you go back to your RethinkDB deployment overview you'll find this displayed at the top of the page:

Proxy Update

Allow us to explain. Our previous deployments used our own proxy which handled the SSL/TLS connections but RethinkDB's own proxy knows how to handle those. It also can do all sorts of useful things such as managing traffic and change feeds in the cluster so it's all good stuff. You can read more about that in the RethinkDB documentation.

At this point you can still use the older proxy to connect, but we'd rather you move to the new RethinkDB proxy. To do that we first have to add the new proxy to the cluster. Click on added to start that process.

Once thats complete return to the RethinkDB deployment overview. Right now, this will show you two sets of connection strings:

Connection Strings

The top pair of strings are for connecting through the old proxy, the lower pair for connecting to the new proxy. At this point, it's probably a good idea to test out the new connection strings.

Older RethinkDB versions use an "auth key" to give access to the database. Moving to 2.3 sees that key become the password for the admin user. Because of this, we're now referring to this as the "Authentication credential".

You can continue to connect using the old style connections. The thing you want to be doing now though is testing your applications with the new RethinkDB Proxy Connection Strings. Check you can log in as the "admin" user in the browser and with a driver. In both cases your password will be the authentication credential.

Once you are happy the new proxy is working, it is time to simplify by removing the old portal. This itself is a simple process because, when you have the old portal running, at the top of the overview this is displayed:

Remove Dialog

Just click Remove and the old portal will be disabled.

In a future Compose Notes, we'll look at using the new users feature in RethinkDB on Compose.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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