Compose Notes: Singapore now online


Well, if last week's announcement of three new regions in Oregon, Frankfurt and Sydney to house your Compose databases wasn't enough, then we have a little more news for you. Compose is now live in Amazon Web Service's Singapore data centers too. We were wrapping up the final tests on our new region, AP Southeast 1 as it is listed, when we went to press with last week's announcement. Since then it's passed with flying colors.

The new presence in Singapore offers Compose users a new option to reduce latency between their South East Asia-hosted applications and their Compose databases by relocating their databases to that data center. All of Compose's features are available to users of the Singapore region. Launch your new deployments in Singapore by selecting AP Southeast 1 (Singapore) as the location for your to-be-created database. Everything else is just like the other Compose regions.

Singapore completes this round of region announcements. If there's a region on a cloud platform you think Compose should expand into to meet your needs, drop us a mail and we'll add your feedback into our region planner for the next extension of Compose's global network.

Image by Lee Aik Soon
Dj Walker-Morgan
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