Compose: Now available on IBM Bluemix


The power of IBM's Bluemix cloud platform is now able to seamlessly harness Compose's databases, making Compose-configured MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, RethinkDB, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ and etcd available to Bluemix users and their applications.

The mission of Compose is to deliver production quality database clusters with high-availability configurations, automated backup and management, auto-scaling resources and enhanced security to users as simply as possible. Bluemix users can now enjoy those features while continuing to use Bluemix's service and application configuration technology.

The Bluemix platform provides applications with a solid platform to built on Cloud Foundry's open source provisioning and deployment platform. This allows IBM customers to manage a complete application stack in the cloud with a wide range of IBM and third party services to call on. This is done by simply creating an instance of a Bluemix service and binding it to an application, a process that can be done on the web using the Bluemix console or automated from the command line with Cloud Foundry tools.

Compose has been working to ensure Bluemix users would be able to benefit from the latest cloud platform integration being developed by the engineers. With Compose's integration, Bluemix users can create Compose databases from within the Bluemix service catalog and bind those database services to their applications, further closing the gap between application and database.

You'll find Compose databases in the Bluemix catalog under Data and Analytics.

Image by Scott Webb
Dj Walker-Morgan
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