Compose's Little Bit's #11


We're back from our holiday break with our regular collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the past few weeks. This week we've got PostgreSQL 9.5, SQLite 3.19, RethinkDB, Redis, Disque, Git 2.7, Spark 1.5 and Pipecat.


PostgreSQL 9.5 – It's here! Slipping into earliest January, the PostgreSQL developers announced PostgreSQL 9.5 this week. At Compose Articles, we've previously talked about some of the major 9.5 features like UPSERT and row-level security, BRIN indexes, enhanced JSONB support and faster sorting. The official What's New in 9.5 list and release notes will also provide more information.

SQLite 3.10 – PostgreSQL isn't the only popular database getting an update for 2016 either. SQLite 3.10 has been released with some interesting enhancements. We particularly like the read-only memory setting when using memory-mapped I/O to protect data from stray pointer corruption.

RethinkDB – Not a new release for RethinkDB, but some excellent news for the database. RethinkDB went under the Jepsen test microscope and came out well. "As far as I can ascertain, RethinkDB’s safety claims are accurate" is the lead to the conclusion which is pretty neat.

Redis and Disque – @Antirez, Salvatore Sanfilippo, has been busy. First up, he's been implementing a new more secure initial startup for Redis called "Protected Mode" which is going to appear in Redis 3.2. He has also put up a release candidate for his Disque distributed messaging system.


Git 2.7.0 – Get ready to upgrade your Git as Git 2.7.0 has just landed and the good folks at Atlassian did a great round up of the new features. A better git worktree, improved autostashing, faster filter-branch and a progress bar.

Spark 1.6 – The Apache Spark developers released version 1.6 of the large-scale cluster computing engine. The DataBricks folks did a summary of whats new with improved performance, a typed Dataset API and some interesting data science features like machine learning pipelines that are able to persist what they've learnt.

PipecatPipecat is an interesting tool; it lets you wire together Unix pipes and AMQP queues making it a potentially useful glue between traditional Unix apps and message consuming systems.

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