Compose's Little Bits #12


Our regular collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the week. This week, we have databases and development links including SQL tips, Pithos, PostgreSQL, Linux 4.4, LoDash 4.0, ChakraCore and Memoizeit. We finish with a security alert for anyone who uses OpenSSH.


Clearer SQL – Sometimes it's the little things that make for more readable code and SQL is no different. Craig Kerstiens gives some handy tips in Writing More Legible SQL, including a good reason for writing SQL keywords in UPPER CASE.

Pithos – An interesting use of Cassandra as an object storage system, Pithos uses the Amazon S3 protocols as its API which lets you plug in your S3 tools – they've even tested a number of clients.

PostgreSQL Futures – EnterpriseDB's Robert Haas has posted an article which looks at the features that people are looking at for future PostgreSQL (beyond 9.6) developments.


Linux 4.4 - The latest kernel arrived with tighter I/O, LightNVM support for Open-Channel SSDs, a lockless TCP listener and more.

Lodash 4.0 – The lodash JavaScript utility library hit version 4.0 and delivers its core usefulness in 4K lines of minified code. Lodash 4.0 lives on npm now and the release is a "proofing out" of the teams discussions with the Underscore core team.

ChakraCore – Talking JavaScript, Microsoft just MIT licensed their ChakraCore JavaScript engine up on GitHub. With JIT compilation support on x86/x64 and ARM it's an interesting release which brings more competition to the open source JavaScript engine arena.

Automated Memoization – Lambda the Ultimate drew our attention to a paper and a tool called Memoizeit which dynamically looks for opportunities to increase performance by memoizing results from function calls. This is the stuff that your profilers have been missing.


OpenSSH – There's a security alert out for OpenSSH - CVE-2016-0777 It's a big one as the flaw can let an OpenSSH client be tricked into dumping memory including private keys. If you can't upgrade immediately, as root do

echo -e 'Host *\nUseRoaming no' >> /etc/ssh/ssh_config  

and this will close the hole. More information is available over on the OpenBSD Journal and on the Qualys advisory.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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