Compose's Little Bits #13


Our regular collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the week. This week, we have databases and development links including PostgreSQL developments, Elasticsearch and machine learning, serverless apps with Apex and Rust's latest iteration.


Parallel PostgreSQL - Looking into 2017, PostgreSQL 9.6 is already becoming more tangible as the PostgreSQL where things get parallel. A recent commit for 9.6 goes alongside the parallel sequential scanning commits from last year to add support for parallel joins. Of course, enhancements like that need plenty of testing long before the code hits alpha and the call for early testers has gone up.

Elasticsearch and machine learning - Over at, an article looks at using Elasticsearch with machine learning applications catagorising images. Elasticsearch stores the results of the image categorization and then answers keyword queries with scored results against the categories known by the image classifier.


Apex - TJ Holowaychuk has introducted the world to Apex which uses Amazon's Lambda service to create serverless apps. AWS Lambda goes and reduces the idea of a server on the web into its essence, a function accessible on the web. Apex adds some light structure to that idea to make it easier to harness it for applications with no servers, just code that is executed on demand.

Rust 1.6 - Up and coming safety and concurrency centric systems language Rust has just reached version 1.6. The latest version sees the libraries and APIs stabilize; most of the core is now stable. How low can you go with Rust? Well some folks are bare metal programming their Raspberry Pis using it.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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