Compose's Little Bits #15


This week, it's InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, Robomongo, awesome datasets, Rkt, Docker, Mesos, abstractions and Sonic Pi which have attracted the attention of Compose's technical content curator. So without further ado, here's Compose's Little Bits (of useful information).


InfluxDB 0.10 – Over at InfluxData, the developers have been busy boosting the performance of the InfluxDB time-series database in the wake of its 0.9x rewrite. The result of that work is InfluxDB 0.10GA which shows massive improvements in write performance and compression. They've also been testing the database stability to destruction to ensure no corruption. Clustering is still experimental but that seems to be the next focus of activity.

Elasticsearch 2.2.0 and more – The latest Elasticsearch, 2.2.0, has landed with a query profiler, tighter security and an importat fix for Elasticsearch 2.1.0. The query profiler API is the start of more general profiling support in Elasticsearch while the security fixes see Groovy and Lucene Expressions pushed out to plugin modules. There are also bug fix releases in the form of a 2.1.2 update for Elasticsearch 2.1 and a 1.7.5 update for 1.7.x.

Robomongo – With only a few days left, it looks like the RoboMongo developer's plan to Save Robomongo by crowd funding $116,000 for a years development will fall somewhat short; around $21,500 has been raised so far. Robomongo's been falling behind MongoDB development for some time and the revival, so far, has brought support for MongoDB 3.x, partial replica set support and the removal of SSL support in version 0.9.0RC releases.

Datasets – Need some awesome public data to build an awesome demo? Then Awesome Public Datasets should have you covered. It's an evolving archive on GitHub of datasets ranging from plants to exoplanets and much more. If you have a favorite public dataset, why not submit it there.


Rkt 1.0Version 1.0 of CoreOS's container engine rkt has arrived. Rkt is positioned as a more easily securable and reliable alternative to Docker's container engine. CoreOS cover more details in this blog post.

Docker 1.10 – On the same day as Rkt 1.0 was released, Docker rolled out Docker 1.10 with updates to their own container engine. Docker's upgraded their confusingly named container orchestration tool to support networks and volumes and added a number of security enhancements to the container engine including an authorization plugin for restricting access and a tighter link between image IDs and images.

Mesos 0.27 – At a higher level, Apache Mesos, has also had an update to version 0.27. Mesos abstracts the entire resource set of a datacenter into an application controlled environment which handles resource and schedule management. You can have Marathon, which has also just been updated, on top of Mesos to manage run orchestration and applications over that big abstraction.


Abstractions - An interesting read on abstractions and duplication from Sandi Metz talks about the powerful influence of existing code and how that can unconsciously lead developers down the wrong track when working with problems that are close to what that code solves.


Aerodynamic – Want to play music but are all fingers and thumbs? Check out Aerodynamic which shows how you can code music dynamically using Sonic Pi which originated on the Raspberry Pi but runs on Mac OS X and Windows too.

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