Compose's Little Bits #17 - Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Go and Linenoise


Elasticsearch 5 announced... Looking forward to PostgreSQL 9.6, MongoDB updated, Go goes 1.6 and Linenoise, the next generation - All the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


Elasticsearch 5? – The Elastic company have announced that they are bringing all their products together, including Elasticsearch, to make a version number synchronized "Elastic Stack". They also say they'll be converging on version number 5.0. Before you start dashing to upgrade to 5.0, at the moment all you can do is sign up to be notified when the alpha of 5.0 is ready and there's no dates associated with that. They've added that their proprietary extensions will now be packages as "X-Packs" and will include a forthcoming Graph API.

PostgreSQL 9.6 – One of the great things with PostgreSQL is how much people spend time working on the next version giving it a thorough workout and in the process writing articles. Take this one on horizontal scalability in 9.6, specifically looking at how sorts on foreign tables can pushdown into remote servers which reduces the amount of traffic between servers drastically and even lets joins happen remotely.

MongoDB 3.2.3 – MongoDB Inc have released version 3.2.3 of MongoDB. What happened to version 3.2.2 you may ask? The announcement answers that - "This release replaces MongoDB 3.2.2, which may fail to start after an upgrade under specific circumstances". At Compose, we'll be testing the new release.


Go 1.6 – As expected, Go 1.6 arrived and it's "Asymptomatically approaching boredom". That's according Brad Fitzpatrick, Go language team member, in his GopherconIndia presentation on 1.6, putting the release into context from Go 1.0 and on into the future. Get your Go updates at the usual place. And if you want to keep up with Go News then looks like a good specialized link aggregator where you'll find things like Paul Dix talking about building InfluxDB in Go.

Linenoise-NG – First there was GNU Readline, then there was Linenoise. Now there's Linenoise-NG which sets out be a BSD-licensed Readline C API compatible version of the command line handling library from the folks working on ArangoDB.

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