Compose's Little Bits #18 – ZeroDB, ES6, Node, Swift, Ruby and Himawari


A ZeroDB whitepaper, ES6 features, Node updates, Swift for the web, Ruby support and Himawari in Chrome – All the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


ZeroDB - The challenge for database encryption is to make it so that even the database can't see the data that's being processed by the database. There's been lots of attempts at creating such a thing and the latest is ZeroDB. Although it's in development, the authors have released a white paper which looks at the various approaches at encrypted databases and their own approach.


ES6 - Over at RethinkDB, Ryan Paul's been writing about some of the sweetly useful features coming in JavaScript/ES6 which are due to land in V8 4.9 and Node.js 6. These include assignment destructuring, default parameter values and the spread operator. All little enhancements by themselves, but together they make JavaScript a much more pleasant place to work in.

Node – Talking about Node, Node 5.7.0 was just released as a reminder of its steady drumbeat of feature updates. And we missed it at the time, but the Express web framework is now being incubated as a project at the Node.js Foundation, locking it into the Node ecosystem. While we're here, a shout out to NodeTogether, a mentoring programme to improve the diversity of the Node community.

Swift - And talking about web frameworks, Swift's just got one called Kitura. Swift, which came out of Apple targeted at iOS and OS X development, was open sourced and IBM took a liking to it, porting it to Linux. Kitura is another aspect of IBM's work on Swift, adding a server-side framework to a language which has been seen as essentially client-side.

Ruby – Ruby developers should have put their Ruby 2.0 using code out to pasture as all support has now ended for it. The Ruby developers have now confirmed that Ruby 2.1.9 will be the last maintenance release of that and developers should be looking to target Ruby 2.2 or 2.3 from now on.


Himawari - Check out Himawari-8-Chrome, an open source "new tab" page for Chrome which fills your newly opened tabs with the latest image from the geostationary Himawari 8 satellite.

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