Compose's Little Bits #28 - RethinkDB, SQL, MySQL's NoSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Node and more


RethinkDB at NASA, SQL Tricks, MySQL's new NoSQL, PostgreSQL linkage, MongoDB goes in-memory, CouchDB 2.0 admin, Node 6.0, Plaidchat for Slack and Vim-go for Go... and Vim - all the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


RethinkDB - Everyone likes a cool case study and the folks at RethinkDB just published a really cool one with NASA's EVA office where RethinkDB is being the glue that pulls all the new and legacy systems together.

SQL - SQL get's a hard time from a lot of people, often because they don't know whats possible albeit outside the constraints of current SQL. In 10 SQL Tricks Lukas Eder takes you through the reasons he thinks SQL is awesome in a meme-tastic presentation and article.

MySQL's NoSQL - The latest version of MySQL has introduced a new plugin system and with that X Plugin which lets you use MySQL as a NoSQL document store. If you are curious about this, the MySQL release team have an article on how to quickly bring MySQL and the new MySQL Shell up using Docker.

PostgreSQL - Lots of links this week, from a one stop site for PostgreSQL chat to a guide for getting performance statistics or how about a PostgreSQL 9.6 change that adds a "Don't do that" warning or why overpolite indexing comes with a cost.

MongoDB 3.2.6 - It's only a minor update with MongoDB 3.2.6 but it does see the beta tag come off the In-Memory storage engine in MongoDB Enterprise (that's the one you pay for).

CouchDB - An interesting article Databases aren't boring from CouchDB developer Robert Kowalski who's working on Fauxton, the admin front end for CouchDB 2.0, in a team that's making administration frictionless. Fauxton's looking good in the video so it could be working.


Node 6.0.0 - Node 6.0 has arrived and is the new Current version of the JavaScript framework. The new release is rocking faster module loading, better documentation, easier to use Buffer and File System APIs and 93% of ES6 language features. Node v4 remains the active Long Term Support branch, but Node 6.0 is set to take over that mantle in October this year. This version of Node is called Current rather than Stable so it's easier to tell it's not the LTS version. If you're Node 0.10 and 0.12, get moving on your transition to 4.0 or 6.0 as the support clock runs out for them this year.

Plaidchat - Like Slack but wish there was an open source client? The folks developing Plaidchat think so too and have been independently developing a Slack client based on Node, Electron and Flux.

vim-go - Like Go but love Vim. Then vim-go might be just what you want as its a modular set of configuration and support for the Go language in Vim including on-save formatting, documentation lookup, autocompletion support and enhanced syntax highlighting.


USB Soldering Irons - Yes, USB soldering irons exist even though at first and second glance they shouldn't – the power just isn't there in USB. In this video, BigClive tests one out and tears it down to reveal that at its heart is a 555 Timer and ingenuity.

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