Compose's Little Bits #29 - Redis, Riak, Regrid, Netbeans, OrientDB, Elasticsearch and more


Redis 3.2.0 arrives,Riak TS goes open source, Regrid brings file storage to RethinkDB, Netbeans gets an SQL Profiler, OrientDB 2.2 gets a new release candidate and a sync tool, Elastic release a second alpha of Elastic Stack 5.0, a call for a better database future, comments up in Amazon's Lambdas and the best practices for Go - all the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


Redis 3.2.0: @Antirez has released Redis 3.2.0 saying "slower than expected, but finally we have it". A new GEO API, a new BITFIELD command to pack integers into strings, cluster improvements, a "serious" Lua scripts debugger and other enhancements make up the release which is just in time for RedisConf 2016. Antirez says he'll be unveiling another new feature at the conference and if that isn't enough for you, you'll be able to meet Compose's Redis crew there too.

Riak TS: Riak says that its time series optimized database, Riak TS, has gone open source under an Apache 2 license with the release of version 1.3. It's available to download as a binary - as it's a combination of Riak elements, the source is in various Riak repositories (riak, riak_ql) on Github. That said, the new version gets a HTTP API, WITH and INSERT SQL commands and a more relaxed indexing regime.

Regrid for RethinkDB: There are people who like to use databases to store large files. For them, RethinkDB has become a new option with the appearance of Regrid which will stream large files to and from RethinkDB's storage. Streaming content may alleviate the problem with some file implementations where retrieved files can push the database's in-memory dataset out of memory.

Netbeans: Oft ignored but often rather good Java IDE Netbeans is getting an SQL Profiler is its next release, Netbeans 8.2. It not only profiles the SQL call but can trace back into the call stack so you can see why that SQL was being executed. Neat.

OrientDB: The news from OrientDB Labs is that a second release candidate of OrientDB 2.2 is now available. Data at rest encryptions, configurable Graph consistency, incremental backup, a new operations front end and improved SQL access features are joined by "Teleporter", a tool to sync relational and graph databases.

Elasticsearch: Expanding on their plans to own the Elasticsearch ecosystem, Elastic have released Elasticsearch 5.0 alpha 2. Lucene 6.0, Percolated queries, the Sense UI renamed Console and built into Kibana, IPV6 support for Logstash and various other improvements have made it into the alpha 2.

Database futures: In a transcript of his talk, Pater Bailis asks How to Make Fossils Productive Again, with the fossils being the current reference models of database thinking. For inspiration, Bailis looks to architecture and the impact of Le Corbusier's experimental methodology.


Lambda comments: Amazon's Lambda is being used in a number of interesting projects bit this one from Jim Pick seems to have immediate practical application; using Lambda to add comments to static blogs with an eye to reducing to cost of running a blog.

Best Go: On the reading list, Peter Bourgon's Go Best Practices updated for 2016 and filtering through the current Go techniques to give a solid base to build development efforts around.

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