Compose's Little Bits #30 - PostgreSQL 9.6 Beta, Grafana 3.0, Teleport, Redis Modules, Electron and Butterflies


A beta for PostgreSQL 9.6, Grafana 3.0 gets stable, Teleport for PostgreSQL replication, Redis is getting modules in 4.0, Electron charges up to 1.0 and Butterflies - all the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


PostgreSQL 9.6 Beta: The announcement that PostgreSQL was entering its beta wasn't unexpected. The feature list of the beta – Parallel sequential scans, joins and aggregates, support for read-scaling clusters, full text searches for phrases, foreign data wrappers that can update, delete, sort and join on remote servers – means there's plenty to test and verify that they are worthwhile additions.

Grafana 3.0: There's a lot to say for good visualizations of data and Grafana 3.0 has a lot to say. The graphical dashboard now supports clocks, countdown timers, world maps which work with Elasticsearch's Geohash aggregation, pie-charts, a pre-packed performance dashboard and more, all thanks to repackaging the data source system into a new plugins system. The What's New has more.

Teleport: There's a zillion projects called Teleport but this Teleport is of interest to PostgreSQL users who want to replicate servers without super user privileges. It uses a combination of schema diffing and source row triggers to create the replica in another PostgreSQL server. And it's all in Go and under an MIT licence.

Redis Modules: Antirez's new feature announcement at Redisconf (and on his blog) is the creation of an API for loadable modules in Redis to allow new features to reach deep into the core of Redis while preventing misuse. It's pencilled in for Redis 4.0 and the hope is that the feature will create it's own Bazar like ecosystem.


Electron 1.0: Once it was called Atom Shell and was the framework that Github's Atom editor was built on. Then it forked into a project in its own right called Electron and it's gone from strength to strength and turning up in things like Slack's desktop client, among many others. There's now a debugger (Devtron) and testing framework (Spectron) to help building JavaScript/HTML/CSS apps across differing desktops powered by Node.js and Chromium.


Butterflies: Sometimes you want to present information as prettily as possible. Like this chart of butterflies which uses animation to bring the subjects to life.

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