Compose's Little Bits #31 - PostgreSQL 10?, Horizon, OrientDB, Firebase, Meteor and Heroku


A potential change in PostgreSQL version numbers, a new backend for JavaScript apps wanting to get the full power of RethinkDB, a new release of OrientDB, the revamped Firebase from Google, Meteor's 1.4 plans and free SSL at Heroku - all the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


PostgreSQL 10? - Will the next PostgreSQL be 10.0? It's not definite yet, but threads discussing the idea and other postings indicate that the idea of shortening the PostgreSQL version number to a simple major minor format and making the next release version 10.0 (rather than 9.6.0) are a real possibility. It all depends on how much might break, in terms of scripts and packaging, if the numbering is changed.

Horizon - Our friends over at RethinkDB launched Horizon, a standalone server for JavaScript apps to plug into for realtime updates from RethinkDB. It's got authentication support with Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub and others and is JavaScript framework agnostic so you can use it with React, Angular and others.

OrientDB 2.2 - The OrientDB developers have shipped OrientDB 2.2 GA. The update sees many enhancements to the graph database including better authentication, encryption and security features, faster JS unmarshalling and configurable graph consistency. Along with a new OrientDB Studio application and relational-to-graph mapping Teleporter tool, they've been busy,

Firebase 2.0 - Google I/O's big data related announcement was the launch of Firebase as a unified mobile app platform. Apparently in development for the last 18 months, the move fills in part the gap left by the shuttering and open sourcing of Parse. Google acquired Firebase in 2014 and the new revamped platform includes all the analytics, messaging and storage that mobile developers may want.


Meteor 1.4 - The development work for Meteor 1.4 is underway and it's a infrastructure big one - The underlying Node engine will move to Node 4.x and support for MongoDB 3.2 is promised. This will have a number of consequences, especially if you run binary Atmosphere dependencies, but it should move Meteor further down the npm packaging route.

Heroku Free - Heroku announced a free SSL beta which allows you to SSL your apps using SNI and a valid certificate. They've also revamped how they handle free Heroku services making it easier to run apps for longer.

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